Fundraising has been a core part of my shop since it opened, as I've always wanted to give back to the communities that have given so much to me and helped shape who I am today.

My fundraising policy has evolved since the start of my shop in 2018. Beginning in 2022, $1 from every order is donated to an organization that’s working towards making the world a safer, inclusive, and joyful place for all. The fundraising goal for the org is $300, at which point a new one is selected and the process repeats.

This page is updated at the beginning of each month to give an up-to-date and transparent picture of the fundraising process and its progress.

Current Organization: CRPE ~ Amount Raised: $155 out of $300

The Center on Race, Poverty, and the Environment is "a national environmental justice organization providing legal, organizing, and technical assistance to grassroots groups in low-income communities and communities of color". Learn more about CRPE and their mission on their about page. You can also donate directly to the organization through their website.

Previous Organizations

BQIC Ohio | National Bail Out | GiveDirectly

If you have any questions about my fundraising policy, reach out to me using the contact form on my contact page.

last updated: August 7th 2023